ON HOLD PADPARADSCHA 2.52ct Rare UNTREATED SKU-2556 8.25×7.25×5.07mm


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Beautiful UNTREATED PADPARADSCHA Sapphire full of luster.It was certified by a 3rd party GIA Alumni gemologist, shipping with the lab report.

  • Variety – sapphire
  • Measurements in mm –  
  • Weight in carats – 2.52
  • Shape – Oval
  • Treatments –
  • Clarity – VS (some inclusion minor visible no influence on the stone performance) 

Out of stock

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    Nothing defines class, romance and exclusivity like this Padparadscha sapphire ring. She will be swept away by its simple but elegant oval design, carefully crafted with the utmost quality and attention to detail. Your search is over for the perfect, classic engagement ring that combines simplicity and distinctiveness in the most perfect way.

    The centre of attention in this ring is the rare 2.52 carat oval Padparadscha sapphire, carefully hand selected and completely untreated. Less known to the general public, Padparadscha sapphires are very treasured by gemstone connoisseurs because of their scarcity. The Padparadscha name comes from the beautiful natural pinkish orange shades of the Lotus flower.

    Brilliant, carefully hand-selected high quality diamonds surround the oval feature sapphire in an elegant frame that allows for endless sparkle. Diamonds also wrap midway around the band of the ring for additional dimension and light reflection. Solid 14K rose gold completes the look as the perfect match, picking up the romantic, unique hue of the feature sapphire.

    This ring can also be made with 14K classic yellow gold, or 14K brilliant white gold, please select your choice in the dropdown menu when making your purchase.

    Item Specifics:

    Variety: Sapphire
    Color: Padparadscha Pink/Orange
    Weight (carats): 2.52
    Measurements (mm): 8.25 x 7.25 x 5.07
    Shape: Oval
    Cut- Mixed
    Treatment: None

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