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Montana Sapphire – “Birthed in the USA”

Montana sapphires are mined in, you guessed it, the state of Montana, UNITED STATE. They were uncovered in Montana in the late 1800’s by a gold miner working on among the gravel bars on the Missouri River near Helena. Raw material is obtaining limited, the Montana sapphires on these pages are from several years of gathering. Montana sapphires have amazing color and luster. The distinct shade of blue Montana sapphires reminds you of a favored set of denims -or your preferred pair of blue eyes! Typically doing not have in purple tones, they show a gray tint and also are well-known shade shifters, shades varying with the light they are under. They are available in various other shades, like orange, yellow, green, apricot, pink as well as colorless. There are some shades from Montana that are located no place else worldwide. Sizes over 6mm are incredibly rare! Like all sapphires, Montana sapphires are difficult as well as relatively scratch-resistant as well as make great precious jewelry stones. All the Montana sapphires we offer listed below were reduced in the United States, a lot of them here in San Diego by Andrew Gulij. Our Montana sapphires have never left the country!

Montana is known as the Treasure State because it is abundant in many mineral as well as gemstone resources, including 2 sorts of sapphires: the Yogo Sapphire from the main location of the state, and Fancy Montana Sapphires discovered mainly in the western half of the state.

Montana Sapphires – Gemology

A Rainbow of Colors

Fancy Montana Sapphires are discovered in 3 major areas in the western half of the state: Missouri River near Helena, Rock Creek in the Sapphire Hills, and also Dry Cottonwood near Deer Lodge. These sapphires differ considerably from the Yogo Sapphire because the majority of the sapphires call for warm treating. They are additionally discovered in additional mines, suggesting they are found not in their original rock matrix blood vessels however have been compelled up closer to the surface area makings them a lot more available compared to Yogo sapphires. We are fortunate, below in Montana, as we have a lot more selection of colors in sapphire compared to other region worldwide.

Missouri River area returns sapphires of the largest size for Montana. Cut rocks from this place may evaluate approximately ten carats, however are rare. Some treasures over twenty carats have actually been found however are remarkably unusual. These treasures are discovered in a more light steely-blue shade to a blue/green color. Heat-treating * of these rocks gets rid of undesirable cloudiness (silk) from the treasure as well as could boost their color.

Rock Creek sapphires are located in abundance and also be available in a multitude of colors. Smaller in size compared to Missouri River sapphires, these even more rounded sapphires are found in a variety of colors: environment-friendlies, light blues, pinks, yellows, and also oranges. These rocks react extremely well to heat-treating, creating an amazing variety of intense colors. A few of the rocks transform into intense blue colors. It is very easy to identify these heat-treated stones from natural Yogo Sapphires. Sizes for Rock Creek sapphires are generally one carat weight and also less. Rocks of 3 to 5 carats are uncommon however periodically discovered.

Dry Cottonwood sapphires are very similar in nature to the sapphires from Rock Creek. This website is a much smaller down payment than Rock Creek.

Note: Heat-treating is the process of heating sapphires to near the melting point to boost color and/or clearness. The huge majority of sapphires and also rubies worldwide are improved by doing this. It is a long-term process of transforming the stone. Criterion heat-treating is generally approved in the treasure sector for the processing of sapphires. The Gem Gallery supports complete disclosure of any kind of dealing with process utilized on any kind of gems. Our all-natural Yogo Sapphires and untreated expensive tinted Montana Sapphires are apart and recognized for specifically what they are. The Gem Gallery can use you the very best of these stones, absolutely natural Yogo Sapphires and dealt with and also untreated elegant colored Montana Sapphires. Both are treasures from Montana.

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