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White Sapphire Engagement Ring

When thinking of sapphires, imperial blue gemstones commonly come to mind.
Although heaven sapphire is one of the most extensively identified sapphire color, sapphires actually are available in a wide range of colors, from pink to yellow, and even white.


Mined from the planet, White sapphires are a kind of aluminum oxide. Minor differences in the chemical properties of the rock’s structure trigger the variant in color, causing the icy white color of some sapphires.


With a similar look to that of diamonds, a white sapphire engagement rings can look gorgeous, it’s a much more budget-friendly option as a conventional engagement ring gemstone.

While not as brilliant as diamonds, white sapphires are prized for their intense, white radiance and durability. When combining a white sapphire with a setting, halo ring style, and diamond accents are a fantastic means to include fire as well as sparkle, while minimalist bands serve to accentuate the shade of the stone.

Whatever the design, white sapphire rings create a magnificent option.

Traditionally people used to buy a white sapphire with white gold, but as you can see below rose gold and white sapphires goes great together, people who look for a color that fits better to the warm loving shades women usually love, that’s also the reason peach sapphire and rose gold rings are so popular in the past few years.

Here Are Some Of Our Most Liked White Sapphire Rings As Of 2019

Rose Gold Natural 5mm Round White Sapphire & Diamonds Engagement Ring

Purposely handcrafted with a small silhouette, it maintains the impeccable sophistication of halo diamonds while responding to the dated impression that is traditionally associated with similar layouts.

14k rose gold ring
0.59 carats white sapphire in size of 5.05×3.07 mm
And 0.2 ct total full-cut, G color VS/SI clarity diamonds

Rose Gold Natural 5mm Round White Sapphire Diamonds Engagement Ring

This petite ring is anything yet your boring cookie-cutter jewelry. Influenced by the traditional design of imperial jewels, this design features a stunning white sapphire crown with sparkling small diamonds over the bottom part of the basket.

14K rose gold, 0.60 carats white sapphire measured 5.5×3.0 mm,
and 0.1 ct total full cut G color VS/SI clarity diamonds.

White Sapphire Yellow Gold & Diamonds Halo Engagement Ring

We paired this traditional style with a non-traditional halo ring with this oval white sapphire gemstone to celebrate the remarkable durability, sparkle, and also uniqueness brought within all females out there.

14k yellow gold ring, 1.16carats VVS oval white sapphire
With about 0.25 carat round brilliant full cut G/H SI diamonds

Oval White Sapphire Halo Ring

Handmade White Star-Ring Made Of Gold & Round White Sapphire

Handcrafted to exhibit the clarity, empathy, equilibrium, and also determination it takes to accomplish one of the most remarkable imagine our lives. Surrounded with brilliance 1.5mm white sapphires adding unanticipated intricacy together with angelic luster.

14K white gold Ring Inlaid with a central white sapphire round gemstone of a 5mm,
Inlaid with 1.5mm pure full brilliant cut white sapphires.

Natural 1 Ct White Sapphire Inlaid In Rose Gold Engagement Ring

A classic halo style with a refined basket shape, this ring includes a sophisticated halo style design and a white sapphire inspired crown setup. The classic white small sapphire form is accentuated by the thoughtful information throughout the design.

A hand made 14k rose gold ring with a center white sapphire of about 1 carat.
around the center stone inlaid small 1.5mm white sapphires.

Natural 1 Carat White Sapphire Silver Handmade Engagement Ring

We design this ring especially for customers who were looking to get a beautiful classic halo style engagement ring at a way cheaper price without losing the quality of materials and look.

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