comparing diamonds and sapphires.

Diamonds vs Sapphires

First (and I didn’t see any seller refers to it) is the difference in the specific gravity (SG).

The corundum (sapphire and ruby) is heavier than the diamond.

Sapphire/Ruby SG 4.0, Diamond SG 3.52

Corundum is cut deeper than diamond.

The result of being heavier and deeper is that the face of a perfect cut Sapphire

Is smaller than the face of a perfect cut diamond of the same weight!

High-quality Sapphires and Ruby are rare than Diamonds!

The production of diamonds is higher than the production of gem quality Corundum.

Diamond: the price rises when diamond is cleaner and colorless (good for Hospital:-)

Sapphire/Ruby: More color, better color higher price!

Diamond – the 4 C’s of diamonds (Carat Weight, Cut, Color, Clarity) the price is determined by all the 4 C’s.

Sapphire/Ruby – the king, is the colorA ruby with the good color, clarity, and cut

Is much more expensive than the same weight diamond.

Corundum is included by nature and is graded without the use of magnification; some diamonds are totally clean even under a microscope.

Diamond clarity is graded with magnification.

When we are offered a sapphire with no inclusions under the microscope, we will not buy it! 99% it is synthetic.

When you buy a sapphire concentrate on the color, even if you see some inclusions as long as it doesn’t harm

The beauty and look of the stone it is acceptable and will not influence the value.