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* PayPal
Bank transfers 3% discount! (Email for my bank details) You will have to make an external payment (not in the website) email us the payment document, when the money arrives into our account we will ship.

First deposit of minimum 33% ($250 minimum) the rest up to 3 monthly payments.No interest or any extra charge.
The item will be shipped after the last payment.


I ship by EMS (USPS expedites shipping to the USA) it takes about 7-8 working days to arrive anywhere in the world. In high season the package can be delayed by your customs for up to 2 weeks, it is our of our control.
Canada and Brazil due to a customs delay can take longer.
Your package is INSURED for the FULL VALUE of your purchase.

Refunds and Exchanges

If for any reason you do not like what you have purchased please return promptly
Within seven days of receipt for a full refund less my shipping cost.
The refund will be issued after I get the item.
The item must arrive back in the same condition you got it,
If you make any changes or alteration to the item I will not be able to take it back.
It should be shipped back using the exact same description I used when I sent It to you (gold and diamonds are heavily taxed here)
* Resizing and any other minor changes is free of charge,
But if you choose to return the item that was re-sized a charge of $50 will apply
* A gemological certificate is not refundable.
* Custom orders are not refundable.
* Payment plan is not refundable. If you don’t finish the payments, you can use the sum that you paid to buy another cheaper item from my store.

******* Do not ship back before you contact me and got full instructions how to ship.
******* Shipping back only by Courier with full tracking (UPS, DHL, FedEx, Aramex)
Do NOT ship back with USPS!!

My shipping fee to you are not refundable
All fees associated with returns, shipping cost, taxes and so on will be paid by the customer



Additional Policies and FAQs

If something happens to your jewel just contact me and I will help you. Any repairs and help needed will be free of charge for the crafting you only pay for material if it’s needed (gold, diamonds, silver or a central gem).
Falling of small diamonds is not covered for more than one month.if it happens I will send you the diamonds and you will set it localy

Payment plans are welcome, please email.


As a gemstone trader, I only use top quality natural Gemstones.

* All my semi-precious (Garnets, Spinel, Tourmaline, Aquamarine) are untreated.
* Alexandrite- untreated.
* Sapphire and ruby mostly untreated, some are heat treated (very common and acceptable practice of the corundum family).

** SAPPHIRES and RUBY quality.
I don’t sell glass filled, Diffusion treatments (adding chemicals to the stone) or any other treatment out of regular heating.
Sapphire and ruby that were treated with glass filled, and diffusion treatments is not accepted as natural by any serious gemological lab and cost only few dollars per carat in the markets of Thailand or eBay. You can actually get a glass filled ruby of 5 carats in eBay for $10.
A good ruby natural, untreated of this size will cost over $250,000

Being located in Sri-Lanka (Ceylon) the source of the best gems in the world allows me to offer you exceptional quality natural gems in a big discount on the retail price.

* Gemological lab certificate
Some of my gems are already certified by a gemological lab (the more expensive) but you can get a gemological report from any of my stones  2-3 day delay in shipping.

* Crafting
Some Items are fully handmade by a master goldsmith,
No computers, no casting, no CNC machines. Pure handmade!
Each item is unique. No two items will be 100% identical.
Some are cast and micro paved with the best technology.

* Custom orders
Any design in gold and silver is possible and welcome! Please email.

* Payment plan
Please email to arrange the plan that works for you.

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