Find Your Birthstone by Month and Astrological Sign

Gemstones and precious metals are used as symbols and for many other purposes of life, starting from a birthstone. They not only bring glamour to you but also define you, your birth and your identity and also believed to bring you luck and also the power of healing. Birthstone is one such stone that defines you, which represents the month a person’s birth. It is often decided based on the month’s you are born, alternatively, it could also be decided based on the season you were born, your zodiac sign, your guardian angel, the apostle’s name you share, an hour of birth and day of the week you were born. One can also have multiple birthstones, as the alternative to the traditional birthstones as Contemporary birthstones, Mystical birthstones, Ayurvedic birthstones, Vedic Gemstones and Alternative birthstones.

Use of birthstones is believed to have come into existence through the old testament of the bible. The new testament discusses 12 foundation stones, which are used to symbolize the twelve apostles. These can also be traced from the book of Exodus, in the old testament of the Bible, where the breastplate of Aaron, brother of Moses, was encrusted with the twelve foundation stones that represent 12 tribes of Israel and the same is currently linked to the 12 months of the calendar.

Even though some say that Birthstones are used to define a person and his traits, many use Birthstones based on the belief that it brings fortune and healing power. This belief is complemented with another belief that precious and semi-precious gemstones have absorbed the energy of the earth, which could give them healing and magical powers. Ancient and religious leaders have worn birthstones to attain spiritual guidance and protection and some has even worn all 12 stones during battles to protect them.

The narrowest of the criteria in deciding your birthstone would be the four seasons of the year. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are the four seasons of a year and there are four precious Birthstones dedicated for each season. To start with, Spring season spans generally from mid-March to mid-June. It is also known as the season of renewal where trees begin to green-up and flowers start to blossom. Not only this, the season of Spring is also known as the season of rebirth as animals such as birds, ducks and cows start to breed more and hibernated animals begin to be active. During Spring, the daylight starts to be longer compared to the previous season. The rain during the month of April is another sign of prosperity that makes Spring one of the best seasons of the year.


For infants born in January, the garnet is the best stone to symbolize their birthstone. This gorgeous rock, that is most commonly reddish but may be located in a assortment of different colours, represents peace, prosperity and decent health. Some say it even has the capability to provide the wearer everlasting happiness, wealth and health.
We state it is the ideal way to begin every year!
The term is derived from Latin “granatum” which signifies seed and can be called so due to the bead’s resemblance to the superbly reddish seeds of the pomegranate.

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For individuals with February birthdays, the amethyst makes a perfect birthstone. This month is often cold, dark and short for many people around the world, so the amethyst—which is often associated with qualities of peace, courage, and stability—is the right gem for individuals who need a little extra warmth and strength this time of year.

A beautiful purple quartz, the amethyst is an easily recognizable gem, but you may not know everything about it just yet! Take a look below to learn more about the amethyst.

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Diamonds the Birthstone of the Winter Season

Winter is the coolest season of the year that falls between Autumn and Spring. It spans between mid-December and mid-March. During this season, the daylight shortens while the night lasts long. Diamond is designated to be the birthstone of the season. It has derived its name from the Greek word adamas, which means something unconquerable.It is also the hardest substance on earth and also symbolizes the concept of indestructibility. Diamonds are believed to be found in India more than 3,000 years ago and ancient Hindus has believed diamonds are as powerful as the sparks of the lightning, for its ability to throw light and sparkle. Diamonds are one of the priciest precious stones and it is found mainly in South Africa, Botswana, Russia, Australia and also in Brazil, China, Siberia, India, and Canada. They are colorless, however, could be found in light yellow sapphireblue sapphireorange sapphiregreen sapphire and other shades when there are impurities.

Ancient Greek warriors have worn diamonds during battles where they believed th