From another location concealed in the lap of the magnificent snow-capped Mountain range is the highest sapphire mine worldwide. However it’s not the area that has actually gained the Kashmir treasure it’s famous condition, but rather the supremacy of their intense soft blue and the colorfully woven history of their presence as well as disappearance in the early 1900’s.

Originally in the late 1800’s, the down payment which exists at 15,000 feet elevation generated a quantity of product that swamped the marketplace for almost a years. The majority of people, even today, do not understand that when taking care of colored stones, the supply is limited to the small number of pockets that could be situated deep within the earth’s crust. These pockets of gems are nothing like the quantity of rubies that exist worldwide’s kimberlite volcanic dikes. The London Mining Journal of June 16, 2000 reported the annual production of diamond to be greater than 111 million carats. In November of 1999 Geology Today reported the 1000 mines in Mogok, Burma generated some 300,000 carats of sapphire every year. These mines have actually produced relatively consistent amount of gemstone for decades, where as the solitary mine of Kashmir has actually continued to be officially unworked because the 1930’s. It wasn’t till 1998 that the Jammu & Kashmir federal government started extracting once more and has reported less compared to 10,000 carat weights of overall manufacturing given that 1999 from which less compared to a fraction of a percent is “gem” high quality.

Although these data are unrefined and also numerous various other elements could provide assistance when making a contrast of gemstone production, it is not unsubstantiated to suggest the manufacturing of sapphire composes less compared to 3/10 of 1% of the diamond production as well as Kashmir sapphire would certainly consequently comprise much less than 1% of this 1%. We say the Kashmir treasure is virtually as unusual as poultry’s teeth.

Having stated this, we hope you gain some idea about the importance of Kashmir sapphire and it’s true rarity and also worth. We wish you will proceed your study and also involve the same verdict hence adding to your understanding and collection of this globe’s finest gems.