Custom made Jewelry just for you

Do you want build your own custom design engagement ring, we will do it for you. We would get your feedback and build a complete 3D Model on how it would look in a finger. This is all 100% Free of charge.Your ring is hand-crafted by a master goldsmith Most jewelers will certainly bill for the service. On the house, no commitment to acquire let us develop for you 3D online images that will look same as completion fashion jewelry, you will certainly get.

If you do need any help please let us know.


    Step 3

    Send us your inspiration from a magazine or a photo you found in the web.



    After we finalized the details  you will pay full or part of the price and hold the stone



    It will take us 7-10 working days to finish

    We specialize in Peach sapphires and Padparadscha,

    Which is a fitting complement to our rose gold engagement rings and setting, We also create fine quality sapphire engagement rings in gold and diamonds We carry a fine selection of other Sapphire colors in all shapes and sizes. Our famous rose gold engagement rings are crafted with the finest peach sapphires,  and our high-quality diamonds and gold are artistic creations.

    Let us recommend or design a  setting for you for a new engagement ring,

    Earrings, pendant, necklace or bracelet from our large selection of high-quality sapphires of your choice. If we do not have what you are looking for in stock, we can get it for you. We are here to help you find and design a unique piece of jewelry that will be a one-of-a-kind design, very special to you and worthy of passing down to a daughter or other family member. Unique designs are made to be cherished and what better way to pass on a family heirloom than to give it to one of your daughters.
    We can design unique 3D settings, traditional designs, or any style you may have in mind. In fact, we would love to add a special touch to any design to make it unique or combine two or more designs to get that “look” that you are searching for.

    Our Fine Jewelry is Handmade to perfection.

    We will work with you to create the best engagement ring wedding ring from gold, platinum and the finest sapphires and diamonds.
    Also green sapphire engagement rings, champagne sapphire engagement ring.

    Why buy from us?

    We are a family business of gem sellers located at the source of the highest quality gemstones, in Sri Lanka. We buy our rough gems directly from the mines in Sri Lanka and Madagascar. We have a professional staff of collectors and cutters. Our basic requirement when buying a stone is clarity of the stone. We don’t sell stones that are not eye-clean or a good cut.


    Finest Natural certified untreated Gemstones.

    Though some are heat treated. We never use chemical methods of altering stones such as beryllium or, lattice diffusion.  All stones are checked by a third party GIA gemologist and a master cutter and are re-cut and re-polished if needed. We offer the finest quality, at a wholesale price. You will not find sapphires of this quality at a wholesale price available to individual buyers. We sell quality!
    Be sure to bookmark our site, as we will be bringing you lots of information on sapphires and other precious stones!
    All prices quoted in US dollars.

    We HandMade our Jewelry.

    Read the Federal Trade Commission definition for handmade jewelry

    Most Jewelers today have the same technology in jewelry making. They practice the easy process of manufacturing digital 3D designing, wax molding and casting.
    The results is the same copy again and again with a gold that was heated only once and was never hammered the results is a weak gold, not that will not hold for many years.This is not handmade.
    Real Handcrafted Jewelry has a big difference from the mass produced jewelries.
    In the traditional jewelry handmade crafting the gold is hammered, heated and shaped again and again resulting in gold that is very dense and will hold for generations and will pass from mother to daughter.
    Many of our rings are crafted for women who Inherited a diamond or a colored gemstone and ask us to build a new ring for the stone handmade.

    I use the most advanced 3D technology to design and show you the model and after we will craft it by hand to the highest quality.

    640 x 650

    Some Ideas for Classic style rings

    Those are small part of mote than 2000 jewels (rings, earring, pendants) we can offer in Silver, Gold or Platinum with any of our gemstones or as setting for your Gemstone or Diamond

    Ideas for Art Deco style rings