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It is a color changer of pink sapphire, purple sapphire, yellow sapphire, red ruby, orange sapphire, white sapphire and champagne-sapphire. Just change the source or the intensity of the light and this incredible Sapphire will show you a different face. Dark peach sapphires in direct sunlight and lighter indoors. Reddish in yellow light, but yellowish peach champagne peach sapphire in fluorescent light. Peach Sapphire and peach champagne sapphire are the best matches to rose gold jewelry. We offer the best and largest collection of fine quality peach sapphire and rose gold diamonds rings with sapphires. We buy some of the sapphires rough and some cut, but each stone will be checked by our master gem cutter and will be re-cut or re-polished to get it to its best beauty and luster. All our loose sapphires over 1 carats) are tested by a 3rd party independent gemological lab and shipped with a gemological certificate

loose peach champagne sapphire
Peach Sapphire rings

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A stoning collection of engagement rings that are handmade by a master goldsmith from gold, platinum, and silver with the finest peach sapphires and diamonds. Our best sellers 14k and 18k Rose gold halo and micro pave diamonds with a fine quality peach sapphire an engagement ring for ever

rose gold engagement ring with peach sapphire


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