The famous 4C  that is the of Diamond pricing Bible doesn’t work for Sapphire. When I started my first steps in the trading, a trader told  me ” Sure we have the 4C when we price the sapphire C1 – color, C2 – color, C3 – color C4 – color” :-) for a Sapphire color is the King and will have very big influence on the value of the stone.

Today some cutter use the excellent grade “precise cut” as a promotion to get a better price for stones with lower color grade I made three charts using the GemePrice calculator for a 1.5-carat blue sapphire. As you can see the difference in the value, between the cut grades “excellent,” very good” and “good” are small

All our sapphires are above “good” cutting grade

The price will drop 33% between best cut “excellent and the lowest “poor”cut
Almost no difference between excellent (Precision cut) and a “very good” or “good” cut

The 4C of colored gemestons

Saturation “The Color Is The King”

A huge difference in the value between a sapphire with a good saturation (vivid,strong) and a bad saturation

The 4C of colored gemestons

80% drop in value between the best clarity and the lowest grade

The 4C of colored gemestons

Inclusions in Sapphires

In any Diamond certification you will find a grading of the inclusion in the diamond, how “white-clean” is the color,
In a Sapphire gemological report there is no clarity (inclusion) grade and no cut grade.
you will find the carat weight, the color, size in mm, but no clarity of cut.
Actually identifying a gemstone as a Sapphire is dome by inspecting the inclusions of the stone.
A sapphires that as no visible inclusion under magnification is probably syntetice.
When I’m out of the office buying sapphires I will not buy a stone that I can’t see inclusion in it with my Loupe.