Read the following email I got (one of many) and the answer, It will give you an idea about the difference between Peach Sapphire and Morganite.

Message: Hi there,
I’m on the hunt for a peach-colored sapphire to replace my morganite in my rose gold wedding ring. I loved morganite, but it is so dull now from wear due to the soft nature of the stone that I’m not happy with it. I don’t know much about sapphires other than hardness and was hoping for guidance. I want something that sparkles. I am a girl after all. I like a rich peachy color but don’t want to break the bank for it either……………………


Sapphires (the mineral corundum) are sparkling much more than Morganite (Beryl) They will sparkle forever.
Just wash the sapphire with warm water and soap and voila, it looks new like it looked on the day you got it.
Sapphire (a precious gem) is more expensive than Morganite (semiprecious) and will keep its value forever.
It is the second harder material in the universe (after diamond) it is almost impossible to scratch…………………………………..


Fact – Almost all Morganite in today markets are Heliodor (cheap beryl) irradiated to blue beryl than heated to Morganite to get the peach color Morganite. the real problem is that is done with no disclosure. Most of the sellers don’t know of the treatment and the sources in Bangkok do not disclose it! You will not find a morganite ring with a gemological certificate from a reputable lab, it makes no seance for the seller to order a $50-$100 certificate for a $10-$50 gem


Sep – 17 -2015

Hi Rene,

I appreciated your “Peach sapphire Morganite” section; I think it is important to inform people about the huge difference between these two stones. I hope that my testimonial may be of use to you, to thank you for your patience ;)

I have a morganite ring (beautiful!), and I realize I would have made a huge mistake if I had chosen the morganite for my engagement ring. I have no scratches; I think the scratches depend on how people live (if they are a bit brutal with their hands or not) however, my morganite attracts oils and dirt like no other stone I have!

I wear hand cream almost every day, to hydrate and protect my hands: my morganite ring draws the oils from the hand cream in one single day. Its sparkle starts to diminish after I wear it for one to two days. I have to wash it (with a soft toothbrush, soap, and warm water) every two days if I want it to sparkle like it does new. In 3-4 days, the stone is pretty cloudy, at first I worried a lot but realized that I could get the sparkle back by cleaning the stone well. It becomes tiresome after a while to have to wash your ring all the time.

I think it is important to warn customers of this specific attraction of oils by the morganite. I have shared this information with two jewelers, and they agree to this particularity. I don’t know what scientific backing there is to this; I would be interested in learning, I will try to find out when I have time, but I just wanted to share this information with you, hoping it may be useful t you.

Besides this fact, the morganite is a lovely stone, and it has a very attractive price, but when I received my peach sapphire ring last year, I discovered that it does not have the sparkle the Sapphire does. The difference between the two stones is just Huge. I never thought there could be such a difference in the depth of color and sparkle between two stones. The sapphire sparkles a lot more; it flashes silver and white sparkles (along with the pink) that the morganite doesn’t have. The morganite’s sparkle is more honey-colored and discreet.

Now that I have discovered how beautiful sapphires are, I have fallen in love with this stone and hope to have several of them in different colors. Their colors come out in layers, a bit like an aquarelle, with hues and colors that change with the lighting and colors around them, a bit like chameleons, they are so beautiful!

I can’t wait to receive my stone :)

Best regards,

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