Castable resin for the 1200 procedure full procedure

/Castable resin for the 1200 procedure full procedure
Castable resin for the 1200 procedure full procedure2017-11-11T14:22:50+05:30

The procedure of casting with resin from the Projet-1200

A good news for all of us Projet-1200 users. A solution for regular investment casting resin is out and not from 3D Systems. In this post, I will share my tests with a new casting resin name GOLDFISH that I got for testing

Casting Resin

I run a few tests first was for calibration the other one gave a perfect result. I added 10 grams from the bottle to a used empty, cleaned tray of the FTX Green. And printed as GOLD in the printing software. The results are the same quality print as the FTX green and very strong. The casting resin is brown and very thick you have to mix it every time before printing (I did it with an ear cotton cleaner) if not it will separate to 2 colors and will not print (one fail, I had) I did automatic support, few of the supports I changed by hand to thicker, some of the auto supports didn’t hold but the print came OK.When I tried a print with heavy supports in delicate parts, it was almost impossible to separate without breaking the parts.

I used a liner as you can see in the photo.

ring casting
ring casting
ring casting
ring casting

The print Burn Out procedure

The most important part is the 400 degree Celsius area, This is the temp when the resin is melted.

I used the Kerr Cast 20 investment and left the ready for the night. Started the burn out in the next morning.

Printing and casting a silver ring.

Printer – project 1200 from 3D Systems

Resin – Goldfish 

Investment – Satin cast 20 from Kerr

Casting – with an induction heating centrifuge

Printing in 166 min, results same as the green (very good)

Short wash in IPA the print in the IPA for 3 min the Ultrasonic cleaner

Short wash with clean IPA

Dry and 6-10 times x 10 min cure in the Projet 1200 ultra-violet chamber. More than one-hour curing

Preparing the ready-print in a 2.5”x2.5” with liner.

Adding the investment and let sit overnight

Burn out (temp are in Celsius)

Face down-

100 c 20 min

150 –  50 min

350 c – 50 min, the wax is gone, and the resin starts to burn

Turn face up

470-450 c – 40 min all the resin is gone

730-700 c 60 min

Cool to 500 c stays 60 min

Cast – 100% new silver– perfect results

Clean 10 min Ultrasonic cleaner

10 in warm 10% sulfurous acid

Wash, fast polish of the shank to see the results, in the photo before polish it looks like it is not smooth and has cavities, it is the coloration of the silver; The cast is as good as any WAX casting

ring casting
ring casting
ring casting

Casting with an induction centrifuge

ring casting
ring casting


  1. arq.pilarcastro August 9, 2017 at 10:39 pm

    Hi Rene, I tried to print with the goldfish in the project 1200, and just print the base without the piece.

    • Hanan (Rene) August 9, 2017 at 10:54 pm

      One problem of this resin that after left for some time it separates into two layers.
      I mix the bottle before adding to the tray any I mix the resin in the tray with an ear cotton stick
      before I start the print Until the two layers are fully mixed and I have only one red color layer
      Also, check that your glass is clean and you built enough support

  2. arq.pilarcastro August 11, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    How long did you cure the piece ?

  3. Hanan (Rene) August 11, 2017 at 11:15 pm

    I use a simple nail curing very cheap and effective
    I cure it for 6-10 hours I believe 3-4 hours is enough but just to be on the safe side
    I cured for more

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