How To Clean Sapphire Ring And keep It Shiny

Learn how to clean sapphire ring at the comfort of your home with these simple guidelines:
Your engagement or wedding ring is something precious and for sure you’d want to have it forever.
These are the kinds of treasures that will always have a sentimental value to you as an owner.
Whether you have a Diamond, Sapphire or any other gemstone in your gold, silver or platinum ring it is important that you always keep it clean and shiny.

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Cleaning with dish soap

As found on Youtube, You can cut the time 50% and still get great results

Your ring might have its own schedule to visit a gemologist or a jewelry shop where a cleaning expert is waiting for it. That’s good since your ring needs that regular yearly “check-up”.
Maintaining your ring won’t only be done by these cleaning experts, you are the major contributor in keeping it clean and shiny.
A woman should know how to clean her ring herself. Jewelry maintenance is easy as long as you know exactly what you’re doing.
So do a little research on what kind of care your ring needs. Then start with the cleaning process and be sure to keep up with the schedule of cleaning it.
There are several kinds of cleaning methods that you can use depending on the kind of metal, setting, and gem that you have.
Before we get into the cleaning process, let’s talk about the durability of Diamonds, Sapphires, and the different kinds of precious metals used in rings.

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