Hand-made handmadeFederal Trade Commission definition:

there is a legal definition in the US for Handmade items of jewelry. Casting and the use of pre formed
parts (findings) do not qualify as handmade. See below.

A7 23.3 Misuse of the terms “hand-made,” “hand-polished,” etc. (a) It is unfair or deceptive to represent, directly or by implication, that any industry product is hand-made or hand-wrought unless the entire shaping and forming of such product from raw materials and its finishing and decoration were accomplished by hand labor and manually-controlled methods which permit the maker to control and vary the construction, shape, design, and finish of each part of each individual product. Note to paragraph (a): As used herein, “raw materials” include bulk sheet, strip, wire, and similar items that have not been cut, shaped, or formed into jewelry parts, semi-finished parts, or blanks.

Casting CAN NOT describe as handmade!

Most Jewelers today have the same technology in jewelry making. They practice the easy process of manufacturing digital 3D designing, wax molding and casting.
The results is the same copy again and again with a gold that was heated only once and was never hammered the results is a weak gold, not that will not hold for many years.This is not handmade.
Real Handcrafted Jewelry has a big difference from the mass produced jewelries.
In the traditional jewelry handmade crafting the gold is hammered, heated and shaped again and again resulting in gold that is very dense and will hold for generations and will pass from mother to daughter.
Many of our rings are crafted for women who Inherited a diamond or a colored gemstone and ask us to build a new ring for the stone handmade.

I use the most advanced 3D technology to design and show you the model and after we will craft it by hand to the highest quality.