For infants born in January, the garnet is the best stone to symbolize their birthstone. This gorgeous rock, that is most commonly reddish but may be located in a assortment of different colours, represents peace, prosperity and decent health. Some say it even has the capability to provide the wearer everlasting happiness, wealth and health.

We state it is the ideal way to begin every year!

The term is derived from Latin “granatum” which signifies seed and can be called so due to the bead’s resemblance to the superbly reddish seeds of the pomegranate. Garnet is really the title of a group of minerals which comes from a rainbow of colours, by the deep crimson of their Pyrope garnet into the vivid green of Tsavorites. Some rare garnets are even grim, gray, or–most rare of all–change colors in different lights. However, the most typical colour is a gorgeous assortment of reds, from rust colored to profound violet-red.

Some even called it the “Gem of Religion“, and it is considered that to people who use it and do great, more good will come. (Oddly, it was also believed to bring very poor luck to people who commit bad actions while wearing it.)

The garnet also represented profound and lasting friendship. With that particular legend in your mind, provide a garnet into somebody whose friendship you profoundly appreciate. Regardless of how or why you wear garnet, this gorgeous gemstone is ideal for people who talk about January birthdays and also get to begin every New Year with a feeling of goodwill, joy, and goal.

Other references return to 3100 BC when the Egyptians utilized garnet as inlays in their carvings and jewelry. The Egyptians even said that it was the sign of life. The garnet was quite popular with the Romans at the 3rd and 4th Century.

This bead was also utilized as a talisman for security both by warriors going into battle and also to people who desired to ward off pestilence and plague. Some early healers and wise guys even put garnets in wounds and commended its therapeutic abilities.
Garnet jewelry was a fixture during the ages. Garnets were frequently utilized as signet rings in ancient Rome, along with the nobility favorite garnets from the Middle Ages.

The Victorians created garnets very popular during this period of time. A number of the loveliest garnet jewelry with that era imitates its pomegranate namesake, with clusters of tiny red stones forming a bigger statement piece.

Today, the garnet are seen in a variety of jewelry pieces and styles, from exquisite rings to magnificent tiaras. Considering that the garnet can come in a variety of colours, rare garnets in blue or green create stunning pieces, particularly in bracelets or fall earrings.