round white sapphire 1.77 carat

///round white sapphire 1.77 carat

round white sapphire 1.77 carat

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  • Treatment – Heat only
  • 6.91×7.43×4.07 mm
  • 1.77  carat

In stock

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An fine yellowish white sapphire, top quality.

One of our super fine collection of sapphires.

It will look great in a rose gold diamonds engagement ring,

Variety – sapphire

Color – white with little yellowish shade

Measurements in mm 6.91×7.43×4.07

Weight in Carat – 1.77

Clarity (type 2) -VS

Shape – round

Treatments – Heated only


Parochialism – Dichroic

Hardness(Ref Data) 9

Refractive index checked

Specific Gravity 4 (+-01)

Optical Character – Double refractive

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Weight0.91 g

Stone Variety

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