Durability and cleaning of your ring

Durability and cleaning of your ring 2016-05-03T00:48:04+00:00


As we all know Diamonds are the hardest material known,
Sapphire is number two, right after the diamond. It is possible to scratch a sapphire only with a diamond, Gold is soft but can easily be polished back to look new if it looses the shining.All our rings are suitable for daily wearing, the problem will be the tiny diamonds, If the ring will get a sharp blow even on your finger the micro prongs holding the diamonds can be loosen and a diamonds can fall. You have to check the the ring from time to time (better with some magnification) to see that no diamond got loosen. Once or twice a year take you ring to a jeweler for professional cleaning and tightening the prongs if necessary.


The sapphire will not scratch, same as the diamonds, but both are a magnet to dirt and oil . To keep it shining, Please wash it once a week or two (depends on your environment) with warm water a simple detergent, leave it in the warm water for 20-30 min, then clean it with a soft toothbrush, wash with clean water and leave it to dry. The stones will shine as it was in day one, If you feel the stones are not totally clean you can add little Ammonia to the solution.