metaphysical and physical healing properties of Orange Sapphire

orange sapphire

Orange sapphire is linked to Sacral chakra It is especially good for musicians, writers, singers, and artists, as it brings their creativity, sensuality and spiritual side into unity.

Orange sapphire would directly link to the physical areas associated with the solar plexus which include the:
The Kidneys
The Bladder
The Reproductive system
The Genitals

Orange Sapphires assist in the sex drive and pleasure of men and women. It increases fertility and lessens excess bleeding while strengthening the veins and helps with blood disorders. It also helps to regulate the glands.

Metaphysical and physical healing properties Yellow Sapphire

Oval yellow sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is linked to the solar plexus chakra. Yellow sapphire is a gemstone of wealth and prosperity it will bring financial success and will help you to your goals.

Physical healing
The yellow color of the sapphires are linked to the Celiac plexus (solar plexus) which includes the physical areas of:

The Stomach 
The Spleen
The Liver  
The Gallbladder  

It is also linked to the skin and also the muscular system, thereby creating this stone exceptional for enhancing endurance and enhancing your physical energy. It makes an exquisite tool for supporting you when you exercise. in addition yellow sapphire is helpful in treating indigestion conditions like IBS, similarly as providing balance to the spleen.

Metaphysical and physical healing properties of Green Sapphire

green sapphire
This stone is linked to the heart chakra. It represents fidelity, and it promotes honesty and loyalty whilst enhancing compassion to both the self and others. It is a stone of vision and helps to recollect your dreams as well as bringing clarity to both.
Green Sapphire links to the heart chakra and is associated with the physical areas including:

The Heart
The Lungs
The Pancreas
The Thymus
The Blood flow.
Green sapphire is good to boost vision and soothe eye strain.

Metaphysical and physical healing properties of Pink Sapphire
pink sapphire

Linked to the Anahata (heart chakra), this stone promotes love and self-acceptance, while permitting you to unleash past hurts and traumas and clearing emotional blockages and welcome forgiveness to yourself and other people.

Healing properties
The pink sapphire is linked to the heart and it is related to physical areas including the:
The Heart
The Pancreas
The Lungs
The Thymus
The Blood

Pink sapphire cab help in balancing the heart providing strength. It is helpful for diabetic patients as it can help regulating the glucose levels balancing blood sugars.

 Metaphysical and physical healing properties of Blue Sapphire

Royal blue sapphire

This stone is linked to the Vishuddha the throat chakra can help with communication and expression and have one’s say . It is a good tool for healers becouse it helps in channeling healing energy, like Reiki, Angelic Reiki or spiritual healing. Helping on your spiritual journey, open blockages round the throat, thyroid and thymus helping with tour strength and self-confidence. A stone of balance, effecting the nervous system and supporting love and purity.

Physical and Healing

The Throat
The Thymus
The Thyroid
The Ears
Having the healing properties to reduce headaches,help with ear infections, cases like vertigo and improve eyesight. Suffering from nosebleeds blue sapphire could help relieving them. Blue Sapphire can help sleep disturbances calming your mind to allowing you to rest.

Metaphysical and physical healing properties of Purple Sapphires

round purple sapphire

Purple sapphires are associate to the third eye or brow chakra and inspires the spiritual breakthrough, psychic Skills.Metaphysical Properties of Sapphires also ward off negative energy that may be touching your auric field. It helps in meditation and role as a bridge to the Sahasrara (crown chakra) for the kundalini energy stream.

Physical & Healing
The purple shades of sapphire can connect to the brow chakra which includes the physical areas of:
The Pineal gland
The eyes
The ears
The purple shade of sapphire will help to relief headaches and migraines and stabilizing an hyperactive metabolic rate, also help sleep disturbances and insomnia.

Metaphysical and physical healing properties of White Sapphires

white sapphireWhite sapphire is the gate to the upper worlds for guidance and keeps you in harmony with your life purpose. It will help you to focus and protect you in your spiritual journey. White sapphire will assist you to following your ethics. It is an excellent substitute to Diamond as it looks the same but its price is cheaper

White sapphires Physical

Its white shade is linked to the Sahasrara the crown chakra and includes the physical areas of:
The Pituitary gland
The Central nervous system
The Pineal gland
The Third eye
It is a good stone for moving from the material body to the spiritual plane when the time comes, as it will help the passage and create relaxation for this to occur.

As with all colors of sapphire, white sapphires will help in blood disorders treating and gland regulation from an hyperactive system and will make the veins stronger and stretchier keeping bleeding under control.