Allsapphires offers Ceylon sapphire rings & carries a comprehensive series of blue Ceylon sapphire custom ring settings at wholesale costs all are natural and real women sapphire rings. In our listings you will discover a complete selection of white gold as well as platinum natural sapphire engagement ring setup’s. They range from timeless Royal Ceylon blue sapphires to rich pinks and also soft yellow sapphire rings, in addition to natural licensed sapphire wedding celebration rings. Allsapphires’s collection of personalized and one off sapphire as well as diamond ring settings are matched with some of the finest earrings establishes with real natural sapphires and diamond pendants.

Allsapphires carries a fantastic choice of natural planet mined sapphire rings with a traditional halo of diamonds set around both of our “Signature Rings”. This selection of special rings in white gold to platinum are ideal for engagement and also anniversaries. These rings can be ordered to carry any type of cut of sapphire. Here in our listings, you will certainly see a few of our finest natural sapphires established into our signature rings, from the traditional blue oblong cut natural sapphires, to the popular blue padding cut natural sapphire. Our Signature collection of custom-made rings can be gotten in your choice of gold metal colors, either white gold, yellow gold and even climbed gold. The option is your own or you may locate a Platinum ring establishing more effective and one which is rapidly ending up being the prominent option for a bulk of our signature natural sapphire ring customers.

Every one of our sapphires are planet mined 100% natural sapphires with a broad choice of natural unheated and without treatment sapphire rings to choose, from the traditional blue unheated sapphires to the abundant yellow as well as pink unheated sapphire ring’s.

Signature Ring

The Allsapphires Signature Ring revealed right here remains in platinum and set with a halo of rubies around the natural Ceylon sapphire, with baguette rubies on the ring shoulder, accompanied by the fantastic round cut diamonds functioning as a border on both sides.

At Allsapphires, we satisfaction ourselves on having the finest sapphire rings & natural sapphire precious jewelry available. We carry one of the biggest collections of white gold and also platinum natural and licensed blue sapphire ring’s to be located on the market today.

All of our sapphires are real authentic qualified sapphires, with many being certified by the Gemological Lab(GIA Alumni). We take great satisfaction in aiding you locate an absolutely unique as well as unique piece of precious jewelry.

Princess Signature Ring

The Allsapphires Princess Signature Ring is embedded in platinum with a timeless halo of rubies around the oval cut sapphire along with having the same diamonds put down the side of the single ring band.

Just how are Sapphires determined?

Valuable gemstones vary in thickness, for instance when contrasting a diamond as well as a sapphire of the same dimension, the sapphire will certainly be much heavier as a result of it’s larger density. Gems are often classified by carats, which is a system of weight, however, for ease of selection and setting, dimension is a more useful measurement for sapphires, which we list in millimeters (mm). Our basic dimension for a rounded sapphire is 6 mm, which is around one carat.

Allsapphires: Facts

When Royal prince Charles privately proposed to Girl Diana, he sent out for a selection of rings from” Garrards of London” (The Royal Jewellers) for Woman Diana to choose from.

The Jeweller got to Buckingham Palace with several trays of diamond ring settings, many of which where valuable. Woman Diana, after checking out several diamond rings, established her eyes on an 18 ct oval blue Ceylon sapphire & diamond ring, the setting was bordered by a halo of rubies valued at that time 35,000 Pounds otherwise $60,000.

Her selection came as a shock to Prince Charles in addition to unexpected the Royal Jewelers, that thought the quickly to be” HRH Princess Diana” could have selected among the finest of diamond ring settings.

Although many individuals at the time believed a sapphire was an unusual selection for an engagement ring, Prince Charles just had to take a look at his sister, Princess Anne, who years before had chosen a sapphire and diamond engagement ring (from Garrards) for her marriage to Captain Mark Philips and also his granny the late “Queen Mom” that likewise had a sapphire & diamond engagement ring

Today sapphires have being one of the most sought after treasure stone for engagement rings outside the diamond as well as dates back hundred’s of years both with the British Royal family members along with Royal households throughout Europe.

On the death of the late Princess Diana, the ring was inherited by Prince Harry. Prince Harry believed that this ring ought to be put on by the future Queen of England as well as prior to Prince William was leaving for a journey to Kenya with strategies to propose to Kate Middleton, Royal prince Harry kindly provided the ring to his bro. Royal prince William meticulously kept the ring in his backpack, prior to finding the best minute in the direction of the end of the journey to request Kate Middleton’s (now Lady of Cambridge) hand in marital relationship on the foot hillsides of Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya.

Background on Natural Sapphire Precious Jewelry from Kings to Emperors.

Sapphires have actually being honored and also cherished for hundreds of years from Kings and also Queens to Emperor’s and High Priests throughout all religions and also societies. It is believed that sapphires bring success, wealth, wisdom and also health and wellness to the user of these fine treasure rocks and today are recognized for signifying fact, sincerity, as well as loyalty. The Royal affiliations can still seen today, where much of the finest rocks are to be found in the collection of sapphires as well as rubies established right into the Royal Crowns, pendants and earrings, in addition to being the front runner for engagement rings for aristocracy.

Inning accordance with documents this sapphire dates back to 1042 making this one of the earliest sapphires in the British Royal Crown Jewels and also gives some sign about why sapphires and rubies are an excellent choice for engagement and also wedding anniversary rings The Allsapphires brings a special variety of natural sapphire rings completely suited for either engagement or anniversary presents. Please see our web pages to view our full selection of natural sapphire engagement ring settings.

Legend mentions that this Ceylon sapphire was initially set on a ring put on by Kind Edward that was renowned for his kindness to the inadequate. Someday, on his means to Westminster Abbey, he was met by a beggar asking for cash. After the King had searched through his pockets, as well as discovered no money, he then offered his ring to the beggar.

Several years later on, two explorers returned the ring to the King. When the King made inquiries just how they had actually taken care of to gain property of his sapphire ring, the pilgrims responded that the King had actually given the ring to a beggar several years ago, but the beggar was really disguised as “St John the Evangelist”, as well as he had provided a message to the explorers to give thanks to the King for his kindness, which he would certainly meet the King in the heavens over.

Dealing with as well as heating a stone is an extremely engaged procedure that can dramatically transform the initial look along with value of the rough corundum-sapphire that came out of the ground. Using very heats in gas furnaces, these rocks are heated up for a duration of as much as 10 days at as well as over the melting point of the crystal (1800 ° C). Ingredients, such as lead glass and also coloring agents, could be consisted of in the home heating procedure in order to complete natural tooth cavities, crevices and also fractures in the sapphires. Tinting representatives are then diffused right into the heating procedure, and also in most cases, the coloring of the sapphire is totally modified. Attempting to establish exactly what you are acquiring is now a clinical research task in many cases and this is why Sapphire Ring Carbon monoxide utilizes the Leading Gem Laboratories for full treasure stone recognition as well as screening.

Allsapphires will only offer 100% natural mined sapphires without any warmth or mild heat just. Naturally warming a sapphire at reduced temperature levels has actually been a process which goes back hundreds of years and aids boost the sapphires clearness and also in some cases color. We constantly divulge this therapy as well as this is the ONLY therapy where a sapphire still keeps its high value.

This is the only therapy which is considered common in the industry both by jewelers as well as jeweler in addition to the National Gem Association. It is estimated that just 1% of natural sapphires are unheated/untreated. We do lug a large collection of untreated natural sapphire rings, nevertheless our choice to purchase our sapphires has constantly being based upon: the quality of each sapphire, the color of a natural sapphire, and even sapphires with natural inclusions which could be very useful if that sapphire has truth rich royal blues which you will see in over 90% of our natural blue sapphire rings.

The cost distinction for these chemically enchased or diffusion sapphires is massive, the rate for a diffused oblong cut blue sapphire approximately 3 cts is around $50.00 each ct where as a natural gentle warm just natural sapphire could cost well over $3500 each ct depending upon the shade.

Constantly request for a independent research laboratory record from a complete laboratory. If they are incapable to give this service please call us as well as we will certainly more than happy to assist. Also if the sapphire is chosen from another business, we enjoy to give this solution so you know you are buying a 100% natural sapphire.

You will be stunned at the amount of the big on-line fashion jewelry firms supply sapphires as “Natural”, which are actually enchased by diffusion or chemical therapies.

Please contact us at with any type of inquiries on sapphire “Therapies”.

Please always request a independent Gemology Lab record from an identified research laboratory prior to getting any type of natural sapphire ring, today truthful jewelry experts do not have the equipment to evaluate for today’s therapies for fake sapphires and rubies. Please see our web pages under Laboratories or contact us with any kind of concerns on natural sapphires.

Allsapphires brings a fantastic option of natural sapphire rings with the timeless halo of diamonds set around both of our “Signature Rings”. This selection of special rings in white gold to platinum are excellent for engagement and wedding anniversaries. These rings could be bought to bring any type of cut of sapphire. Right here in our listings, you will see some of our finest natural sapphires set right into our signature rings, from the timeless blue oval cut natural sapphires, to the preferred blue padding cut natural sapphire. Our Signature collection of custom-made rings can be purchased in your selection of gold metal shades, either white gold, yellow gold or even increased gold. The choice is your own or you may find a Platinum ring setting more effective and also one which is rapidly ending up being the preferred selection for a majority of our signature natural sapphire ring buyers.

All of our sapphires are planet extracted 100% natural stones with a large selection of natural unheated and unattended sapphire rings to choose, from the timeless blue unheated sapphires to the rich yellow and pink unheated sapphire ring’s.