We were looking for a real white metal same as the Platinum family.

With the same white color that will not tarnish over time and still
Be affordable.White gold is a combination of gold a yellow metal and silver (or palladium) that lower the yellow
Color to light yellow white. To get a real pure white we need to coat it with rhodium
The coating will not last forever
to keep it white you will have to recoat from time to time.
Silver is an excellent white metal; Sterling Silver is pure silver with little copper, both copper and silver will oxidize fast, you will have to treat it to clean the tarnish.


Super silver

We tested many combinations of metals to get a white color that will not tarnish and be hard enough to create jewelry that can hold tiny diamonds and with a micro size prongs (pave)

we found a solution that is 80% and the rest is metals from the platinum family; it is more expensive than silver, but the results are amazing.
A white metal that will not tarnish and will stay the same white forever without rhodium coating.
You can now get it with our jewelry.

*Cheaper than gold
*Whiter than gold
*Same durability as gold.
*No Nickel (some jewelers still use it)
It will not trigger an allergic reaction

we named it “Super Silver.”