Let’s talk about “windows” in gemstones

A known fact is the a well cut gemstone should have no window.

  • Big window = horrible gemstone,
  • Medium window = a very bad gemstone
  • Small window = a bad gemstone,
  • No window = a good gemstone

It is absolutely true for me as a loose sapphires trader, but when it comes to me making a ring with the gemstone the truth is quite different.

  • Big window = horrible gemstone, always, True!
  • Medium window = very bad gemstone, sometimes bad, some are good
  • Small window = A bad gemstone? NEVER!!
  • No window = A good gemstone, sometimes, not always

What is the window. When cutting a gemstone the cutter in creating small mirrors at different angles to reflect as much as possible color back into your eyes, he must keep a certain proportion to get the color. The stone is 3 dimensional, length, width and depth. I he cuts it too short (not deep enough) the window will appear. Over some proportion (centered stone) and you will see no window, but you pay for the weight (carats). A 5 carat stone with a window will look much bigger than a 5 carat stone with no window. A medium or small window looks bigger than no window stone.

When mounting the stone into the setting a medium window some time disappear and a small window will always disappear. The face is bigger and the stone looks as good as a no window stone.

So why a no window stone is still not always good? When the cutting in a perfect proportion you have a nice stone that looks smaller and sometimes the stone is still the same weight but it is cut very deep. It will have no window and in some colors it will look perfect, but the face will be very small, you for the weight (carats)

The market is full with a 5 carat sapphires the looks like a great 2.5 carats.

When a gem trader buys and sell loose gemstones he will target the no window sapphires

The jewelry designers (including me) will choose a sapphire with some window, Because the finished ring it will have no window and will be bigger.

When you look at a finish ring you don’t know how many carats is the weight of the sapphire, but you can see that it is a small or big stone.

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