Aquamarines are usually cut as a faceted stone, but can also be cut as a cabochon. Some aquamarines that have been cut as cabochons display a cat’s eye effect that is known as an asterism. Aquamarines with asterisms are very rare and also very valuable. Aquamarines are a stone that jewelers love to work with, as the brilliance shines through no matter what kind of cut to the stone.

Aquamarines have some interesting legends that are associated with them. One legend says that aquamarines were first found in treasure chests at the bottom of the ocean and belonged to the mermaids. They have been considered a “lucky” stone for sailors and are said to ensure a safe journey and return for all.

Ancient healers and medicine men also claim the aquamarine has certain healing powers for conditions such as arthritis, varicose veins, and sore throats. The Aquamarine is also said to keep seasickness away.

Aquamarine stones are beautiful to wear any time of the year, but the pretty blue shades are extremely popular in the spring and summer months.

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