1.35 carat Cushion Padparadscha sunset sapphire 7.04×4.76×4.54mm


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In stock

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    Introducing our stunning 1.35 carat Cushion Padparadscha sunset sapphire, a gemstone that captures the breathtaking hues of a sunset. This fabulous sapphire boasts a unique cushion cut, enhancing its luster and showcasing its intense, charming color. The sapphire is untreated, preserving its natural beauty and authenticity. With a clarity grade of VVS, it is virtually flawless to the naked eye, making it a truly remarkable gem.

    This sapphire is a rare find, its sunset color reminiscent of the glorious Padparadscha, a variety known for its prosperous and exciting blend of pink and orange. Measuring 7.04×4.76×4.54mm, this gem is perfect for those seeking a stone that makes a statement while maintaining a classic elegance. Whether set in rose gold to complement its peachy hues or used as the centerpiece in a custom piece of jewelry, this sapphire is sure to add a touch of luxury to any collection.

    Experience the allure of this 1.35 carat Cushion Padparadscha sunset sapphire, a gem that combines the rarity of the Padparadscha with the captivating allure of a sunset. This is not just a purchase, but an investment in a piece of nature’s art.

    • Variety – sapphire
    • Measurements in mm – 7.04×4.76×4.54
    • Weight in carat– 1.35
    • shape – cushion
    • Treatments –  No
    • Clarity – eye clean (VVS)

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