Champagne Peach sapphire 2.14ct 2185P


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  • 8.58×7.36×3.87 mm
  • 2.14  carat

In stock

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    Champagne peach sapphire top quality,

    One of our super super fine collection of peach sapphires.

    It will look great in a rose gold diamonds engagement ring,

    Variety – sapphire

    Color – peach

    Measurements in mm 8.58×7.36×3.87

    Weight in Carat – 2.14

    Clarity (type 2) -VS

    Shape – oval

    Treatments – heat only

    MAGNIFICATION – checked

    Parochialism – Dichroic

    Hardness(Ref Data) 9

    Refractive index checked

    Specific Gravity 4 (+-01)

    Optical Character – Double refractive

    Additional information

    Weight 0.91 g


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