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    A natural super fine cushion cornflower blue sapphire
    with super luster.
    14k or 18k gold inlaid with diamonds

    Superb crafting – the setting was build for the sapphire and fit it perfect.
    We use a very high quality of full diamonds around the central stone

    How our superb crafting ring is done.
    We first print the ring in our 3D printer to see that if perfectly fits the stone.
    Than we will cast it at home and send the caste ring to our local goldsmith or send the 3D file aboard to one our 2 goldsmiths factories.
    They will cast, polish, set the small stones and send us back to mount the central stone and make our last quality control.
    Each ring is tested at least by 2 expert goldsmith before it will be shipped to you!

    Why buy a Sapphire as your ring center stone.
    Sapphires are for eternity, It is the hardest colored gemstone (second only to a diamond)
    Unless you use a diamond, it will never scratch or lose its luster.
    Sapphires and diamonds are passed from mother to daughter for generations and will always
    look new and shine.
    A natural sapphire is a very rare gem and will keep its value, it is not only the most durable beautiful colored gemstone but also a good investment that will never lose its value.

    Variety – sapphire
    Color -Blue
    Measurements in mm – 9.1 x 6.5
    Weight in carats -3.475
    Clarity (type 2) – Eye Clean (VVS-VS)
    Shape – Cushion
    Treatments –NON

    14K, 18k white Gold

    Diamonds TCW 0.4 ct full cut G/H SI

    It will be shipped with USPS expedited shipping with tracking.
    It usually takes a week to arrive.

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