Handmade Princess Diana engagement ring kate middleton ring 10.5 carat royal blue Sapphire ring


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    Princess Diana, kate middleton engagement ring exact replica with the best color sapphire.
    Natural Sapphire, 14K white gold rhodium plated. Royal blue sapphire with top color. (certified By a third party gemological lab) Inlaid with 18 white sapphires 0.70 CTW
    The ring is fully hand made!
    Superb crafting.
    Exact crafted as the Engagement ring of princess Diana
    the ring is inlaid with top quality white sapphires
    Email if you want to order with diamonds

    Can be ordered in any size.

    A chance to get the exact same ring with the same sapphire color and size in a fraction of its price.
    The sapphire is the best color (royal blue) it is included but due to its deep blue color in inclusions will not be visible
    in regular eye view
    The same stone without the inclusions will sell for $60k-$70k

    Color Royal Blue
    Weight: 10.53 carats
    Measurement in mm – 15.13 x 10.90 x 8.22
    Clarity: I (included)
    Cut: Mixed Oval
    Treatment- heated only
    Origin- Madagascar
    Was graded by our gemologist and again certified by third party GIA Alumni gemological labs.

    Inlaid with white sapphires

    Cut: Round brilliant. Full cut

    14k white gold rhodium plated

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