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Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

This classic gemstone form includes large aspects that maximize luster, and also rounded corners that create a soft as well as enchanting feeling. Cushion cut diamonds have actually been searched for centuries due to their enduring elegance. Specifically popular in antique style settings, a cushion cut center diamond is a stylish choice.

Perfect for any woman that wants a little more romance in her ring, our cushion cut engagement rings recall to a time of old Hollywood prestige while still staying contemporary and modern.

Cushion cut diamonds appear to be an increasingly sought after choice for engagement rings, possibly since this form incorporates captivating glimmer with a distinctive appearance and an enchanting, discreetly vintage allure. Cushion cut engagement rings have graced the hands of lots of current A-list new brides, including Kelly Rowland, Kaley Cuoco, as well as Ashley Tisdale.

Everything About Cushion Cut Diamonds.

The cushion cut originated from an antique cut that went to times called a “candlelight diamond,” since it featured large aspects that were developed to shimmer in candlelight in the days before electrical power. The cushion cut is a square form with gently rounded corners that make it discreetly look like a cushion (thus the name). The percentages of a cushion cut vary with the individual diamond, with some showing up even more lengthy and slim, others closer to square.

Cushion cut diamonds are typically oblong in shape with many facets. The style of the elements impacts just how great the stone shows up and also just how much light bounces from it, but generally, cushion cut diamonds are quite great as well as refract a great deal of light. Cushion cut, or old mine cut, diamond engagement rings could look very modern and also vintage, making them an appealing to numerous new brides. Several developers display cushion cut engagement rings on AllSapphires in a range of styles as well as many different steels.

Lovely Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Styles

Cushion cut diamonds look stunning in numerous engagement ring layouts. Below are a few of the beautiful cushion cut engagement ring choices.


The feminine and also distinct shape of a cushion cut diamond does not call for any kind of decoration. Those seeking a straightforward, classic layout will certainly enjoy the look of a cushion cut diamond in a jewelry setting.


The mix of a cushion cut diamond and also a halo setting is a specifically demanded engagement ring style, possibly since both the padding shape and also the halo layout have a vintage-inspired appearance. These rings, such as the split-shank halo Consistency Ring, appearance specifically romantic in climbed gold.


The personalized scrollwork layout on the Delicate Antique Scroll Ring makes a perfect accent to the timeless sophistication of a cushion cut diamond.


Although the cushion cut has its origins in centuries past, it looks perfectly at home in contemporary settings, like the bezel setting and streamlined simpleness of the Luna Ring.


Diamonds typically aren’t the only gemstones that look awesome in a cushion cut– the vivid shade of sapphires is magnificently highlighted by a padding shape. One precious design for cushion cut sapphires is the Circa Ring, which includes a diamond halo surrounded by sapphire accents on the side.


The padding shaped diamonds you’ll discover in vintage rings are commonly less great than modern-day cushion cuts, but these gemstones display a shimmering beauty that is no less attractive. One example is the Edwardian-era Elnora Ring, featuring an old mine cut diamond.