All About Tourmaline

Tourmaline is another very colorful semi-precious gemstone that comes in a variety of colors such as pink, red, green, blue, yellow and even colors in between. Tourmaline also comes in more than one color and have the ability to change colors in or under different light sources. Because of its unique qualities, no two tourmalines are ever exactly alike.

Tourmaline has been called the “rainbow” of gemstones not only because of all of the colors of the rainbow are possible shade colors for tourmaline, but also because ancient legends from Egypt passed along stories of this gemstone traveling from the center of the Earth. The legend states that because of this long journey, the gem passed over a rainbow and took on the qualities of each color.

The name tourmaline comes from the words “Tura Mali,” from the Singhalese and means “stones of mixed colors.” Tourmaline is the official modern birthstone for the month of October and the gemstone of choice for the 8th wedding anniversary. It is also the stone of the zodiac sign Leo.

Tourmalines are formed from crystals of aluminum boron silicate that have a constantly changing complex composition. It is the changing composition that gives tourmalines so many different color shades. It ranks at a number 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making it an excellent choice for a gemstone to wear casually every single day.

Tourmalines are mainly found and mined in Brazil, Sri Lanka and the southern part of Africa. Other countries also mining tourmalines are Tanzania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Madagascar, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya and in the United States in the states of California and Maine.

Tourmalines have fascinated gemologists, jewelers, and even scientists over the years with its multiple unique shades of color. They are not only a beautiful stone but also one that carries a bit of mystery too! Scientists discovered an interesting fact about the tourmalines physical qualities. The Tourmaline can become electronically charged when heated and then allowed to cool. At this time one end of the stone will be negatively charged, while the opposite end carries a positive charge. Tourmalines will also become electronically charged under pressure. For this reason, Tourmalines are known as a gemstone with incredible powers in the past.

Tourmalines healing powers are said to strengthen the body and spirit, with special attention to the central nervous system, blood, and lymph nodes.

If you are looking for a unique, yet gorgeous gemstone for a new piece of jewelry, a tourmaline may be the perfect choice for you. With many different shades to choose from, one will certainly be the “special” on for you.

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