let me share with you an email about sapphires clarity I add with a client today I hope it helps.

From: A…….

Subject: Peach sapphire rose gold engagement ring

Message Body:

Hi, I am emailing you from Australia. Do you send rings to Australia?

I am after a peach sapphire engagement ring set in rose gold. I have a setting in mind

that you have on your website that is round.

I would like help choosing the sapphire because I want one that has the best clarity so

that the ring will sparkle. I want a hard sapphire that won’t scratch over time and a

ring that is robust enough to wear everyday. I would also prefer the ring to be made

in my size as opposed to being resized. Can you help me with my order?



I do ship to Australia (a list once or twice a month).
Any sapphire in the peach collection is clean, we just don’t buy peach sapphires
That are not eye-clean)
All rings are suitable for daily wearing, that problem will be the tiny diamonds,
If the ring will get a sharp hit even on your finger the micro prongs holding the
diamonds can get loosen and a diamonds can fall.
You have to check the diamonds from time to time to see that are no loose stones and
once or twice a year take you ring to a jeweler to clean the ring and tight the prongs if
necessary. The sapphire will not scratch same as the diamonds, but they are a magnet
to dirt and oil and you will have to clean it once a week or two (depend on your
environment) with warm water a simple detergent Check the peach sapphires section
and if you want to see more photos or a video of a stone email me and I will send you.
Thanks Rene,
Do you need to heat the sapphires at all to make them peach colour. I know nothing
about Sapphires at all but would change the colour slightly if a pale pink or
champagne colour is more natural. I would like many facets in the cut so it catches
the light nicely. And I want the stone to be as clear as possible. Can these sapphires
you have have a clarity type 1?
Also, is there much maintenance required for the colour of the rose gold? Does it
need re dipping or polishing etc?
Hi A…..
My suggestion is that you read about sapphires (corundum mineral) before you buy
one. Many people expect the clarity of a diamond (type I), but sapphires is very
different from diamond with sapphire (all sapphires are Type II) the color is the most
important factor in the price.
Fine quality Sapphires have to be clean but they do have inclusions (If not it is
imitation from glass of a synthetic sapphire).
Very good reading about sapphire clarity you can find here.
Read here too (not as clear and good but will help you understanding)
Heating is an acceptable treatment in sapphires and more than 90% of the sapphires
are heated to give the stone a better permanent color and clarity – most of my peach
sapphires are not treated in anyway, but heated peach sapphire (under 5-6 carat size)
are not less value than unheated, infect if the heated stone is a better color, it will be
more expensive than the same size unheated sapphire with less performance.
See this stone http://allsapphires.com/product/2193orange/  it is heated 2.3 carat, it
is at list 20% more expensive than any
Unheated peach sapphire in the same size in my collection (the color is very rare!).
Please read, educate then check the collection again and if anything is unclear I will
gladly help
Hi Rene,
That is great. I will have a read and get back to you.