Padparadscha Sapphire. How we decide that it is not a Peach Sapphire.

Let me make the long story short.
Padparadscha is a mix of pink and orange colors Sapphire,

It is more expensive then peach sapphire and rare than other sapphires.

Most of the stores will sell many of our peach sapphires as Padparadscha.

We have a very simple way to decide.

If the gemological lab grades it is Padparadscha, we sell it as.

This way we eliminate our commercial interest. One of the best articled on Padparadscha by Richard Hughes 

Lately, the Sri Lanka labs started to grade it with the LHC definition, and I expect to see the market full of new PADs that are no much more expensive than peach sapphire, but the traditional PADs will almost sell for much higher price

According to the LHC definition, nearly all our peach sapphires are Padparadscha and will probably be graded as by the big labs (GIA, Goblin, etc.( .’). Unfortunately for us, the Sri Lankan labs are not so easy to use the name and only small portion of the peach sapphires will get the Padparadscha name(.  At last JSK show, I saw in 10 min hundreds of GIA certifies untreated Pads, None is what we consider as padparadscha in Sri Lanka.