Promise Rings

Rings are not just jewelry,

But also a symbol, a sign of one’s status or an indication of one’s availability. For the same reason, rings are considered to be having a deeper sentimental value than any other form of jewelry such as bracelets, bangles or necklaces. There are rings for various purposes such as wedding rings, engagement rings and even for good luck. Unlike wedding or engagement rings with a specific purpose to it, the objective of a Promise ring could vary from Pre-engagement commitment to pledge of abstaining from partnering with anyone but the committed companion. Generally, a promise ring will be worn by a person until he/she gets engaged to his/her life partner.

Signifying the commitment to each other to be exclusive. It is not only worn by one party, but also by both the parties in a relationship. This ring can be worn on any finger as it is merely an informal practice. Usually, it is worn on the left or right ring finger or the left middle finger. However, some refrain from wearing pre-engagement rings on the left ring finger as it symbolizes one’s status as married.

On the other hand, Purity rings have a deeper meaning than any other. Generally, a purity ring, also known as chastity ring or abstinence ring, is worn to signify one’s status of chastity. It is practiced as a religious observation where religious women keep themselves away from indulging in sex and this is indicated by a promise ring. The concept of promise rings as a religious observation is believed to be found in 1990’s by Christian affiliated sexual abstinence group in the US, who argues that the only safe method of sex is abstaining from it. In addition, it is also worn by two engaged partners to pledge that their sex life will begin only upon marriage. Furthermore, another use of purity rings is the practice of under-aged kids wearing purity rings as a promise to their parents that they will abstain from indulging in sex until they are major and find the right partners. In such instances, parents impose promise rings on their children upon getting them to pledge to keep away from intimate activities. However, studies have concluded that promise rings on minors have no or very less effect.

When two best friends would signify their long-lasting friendship with promise rings, often comes with wordings such as “BFF” or their names engraved. This is considered to be a promise to each other that they will be friends and will not compromise each other for any reason.

In addition, there is another practical use of promise rings by friends, Use of promise rings has increased over presenting the romantic partner with an engagement ring. Newly met couples do not feel secure enough to pledge themselves to each other as they know very less about their partners. Further, young couples who are not established with their careers and livelihood cannot commit to marrying, given their instability and uncertainty about a date of marriage in the future. As marriage is a deeper relationship and the chosen partner should be almost perfect in every possible angle, romantic partners often remain undecided about each other until they are 100% certain. Due to the above reasons, lovers prefer wearing promise rings over engagement rings as an engagement ring is an ultimate promise of marrying each other while a promise ring has a lesser commitment.

Promise rings are considered to be more decorative than wedding or engagement rings. Any type of gemstone or diamonds can be used in promised rings; however, crystals and other affordable material are commonly used for promise rings. Unlike engagement rings that usually comes with a larger precious stone on a thin metal band, promise rings come with smaller crystals or semi-precious stones on a more decorative metal work. Hence, the value of promise rings ranges comparatively lower than wedding or engagement rings. One reason for promise rings to be relatively cheaper to engagement rings is that an engagement ring signifies a stronger bond and a commitment compared to a promise ring. Another fact is the affordability. Newly met couples are often less established or may be students with no form of income. Such partners cannot afford for rings with precious stones or metal, hence, they tend to go for crystal or semi-precious material based rings.

Shapes of the promise rings vary from other rings. As promise rings tend to be more decorative, the metal work often comes with different shapes and structures, such as hearts, Leafs, and flowers on top of the ring, with semi-precious stones or crystals attached to it. This can also change with the motive of wearing or gifting the promise ring. A ring to pledge a relationship could come with a heart and flower-shaped structure while motives such as sex abstinence imposed by parents or for religious purposes may come as plain bands or with religious symbols. Rings worn for religious purposes generally come in the form of bands. Such rings do not have precious stones and fancy shapes, they would merely be a thicker band made using precious or semi-precious metal. For more details visit our Etsy shop.

Promise rings are daily use jewelry.

Hence, ring bands are usually thin and easy to wear. Further, the value of the rings also come into play as a more precious metal used in the ring will come with a higher price tag. However, the size of the ring may vary from person to person based on their day to day activities and preference. Athletes and individuals who are engaged in heavy work would prefer a simpler band or a thin ring, which will not affect their activities. On the other hand, people who would like to be noticed or with preference to wear flashy garments and jewelry would prefer a wider or a bigger ring with noticeably larger sized precious stones. Another noticeable differentiator of promise rings is engraved wordings inside the ring band. Lovers would prefer having their names engraved inside the ring band. Further, promise rings worn for religious purposes would come with short quotes from religious scriptures or symbols engraved on them.

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