rhodium plating

 The electroplating salt I use to make the solution

electroplating salt

I use the cheapest $30 Chinese rectifier. It works as good as any $250 Digital one. The cables are too thin for the job so I ordered a good pair on eBay.

  • Good quality ready to use a one-liter rhodium solution,
  • 250g of cleaning Salt (10g for 500ml solution) very cheap mild basic salt. see a photo of the electroplating salt I buy

Where to buy the cleaning salt

Many people ask me where to buy the cleaning salt, I buy it locally but if you are from the USA you can find it at www.riogrande.com.


1 Titanium Anode For Rhodium Plating (for the Rhodium solution).

1 Nickel Anode (For the cleaning salt)


100 ml 95% Sulfuric Acid to prepare a 5% solution with distilled water.  add 5 ml to one liter of distilled water to get the solution. be very careful, always add the sulfuric to the water, never the water to the sulfuric acid !!

WHEN WORKING WITH USE PROTECTION, always use safety glass and gloves


I use a copper wire to hold the ring





Bring the rhodium and the cleaning salt to about 40-degree Celsius, I add hot water to the plastic container (60 degrees depending on the temp of the rhodium solution) and wait till the solution is stable at 38-42 degrees Celsius.

  • Ring to the cleaning salt. 2 minutes, 5 V
  • wash with distilled water.
  • To the acid 1 min no electricity
  • wash with distilled water.
  • Into the rhodium 30 seconds 3V
  • wash with distilled water.

DONE (no more than 5 minutes)