• Casting the green FTX resin with the R&R Plasticast
  • I read and tries almost every forum regarding the procedure.
  • I’m not a jeweler never cast before I got the 1200, my oven is new but the control is only 50 Celsius stages
  • And I have to hand control 50% of the time.
  • From that, you will understand that the accuracy of the temp is not as important as people think.
  • Most of the ideas I found on the B9 forum
  • I build the tree with ventilation tube to let the gases a freeway out
  • Cure of the print (green)
  • Short wash with used IPA
  • Short was with cleaner IPA
  • 3 min wash with water in the ultrasonic cleaner
  • 120 min in the oven in 150 degree Celsius?????? The last one was totally broken I stopped doing the oven
  • 1.5 – 2 hours in a nail ultraviolet curing machine (the 1200 bulb was long gone)
  • Investment R&R Plasticast 38%
  • I work with 2″ x 2.5″ or 2.5″ x 2.5″ size flasks  38% Plasticast 
  • And leave it overnight
  • Burnout all temp in Celsius
    The one and probably the only important change that I did
    Is adding a stream of air into the oven and under the flask
    I use an aquarium pump and pump the air, under the flask
    All the burnout the pump is on, and the flask is facing down 
    The air gets into the flask and helps the burn of the plastic 
    When I reach my MAX temp of 750 degrees I turn the pump off and turn the flask face up
    When at 500 degrees and when in 750 I use a vacuum to clean the investment tunnels
    No Air pressure!  Vacuum
  • Burnout  
  • 30′- 60′ –  200 wax
  • 20′ –  400
  • 30′ –  550 Vacuum, if the resin is totally gone go to top temp skip 600c
  • 30′  – 600 Vacuum
  • After all the resin is gone and vacuumed rise to top temp
  • 90′- 120′  750c degree Vacuum after 20min
  • 45′-60′ casting temp
    When all the resin is burned, I rais to 750 degrees if it is 500 degrees I will skip the 600C
    I put a small part of print in the oven, and when it is fully burned and gone, I will flip the flask face up and turn off the pump
    My last cast was 50% new 50% used (cast and very clean) 14k gold
    It comes perfect used a small 2×2.5′ flask.
    I hope it will work for you.
    You are surely more experienced in casting than me. You know how to burnout and will probably make it shorter
    Just burn the green entirely, use pumped air and clean the flask with vacuum
    Please do not give it to people you are not sure they are not part of 3D Systems (like the agent sold you the machine)

I hope it helps,