Handmade Gold Dainty purple delicate sapphire promise ring, sterling silver


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Main Stone
Natural sapphire
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    Video- https://www.instagram.com/p/BhvpzT7BlWm/?taken-by=allsapphires

    5 stones bezel ring 

    Oval natural lavender sapphire bezel ring with 4 fine white sapphires on the sides.
    handmade a fine quality ring

    If you want the ring with a different sapphire check allsapphires.com

    will go in any shape and size of the central stone

    4 super fine round sapphires on the sides

    Main Stone
    Natural sapphire
    1.1 cart

    4 natural white sapphires 1.5mm

    *Buyers Tip:

    When you buy a sapphire be sure you see more than a photo from the top, side and back photo

    Can show things the seller doesn’t want you to see.

    Sapphire must be cut in certain proportions. Be sure the seller wrote the 3 dimensions and forgot the

    Add the depth of the stone! too shallow results in a very big window and dramatic drop of value.

    Too deep stone will result in a stone that have a very small face.

    You paid good money and got a ring with a stone that looks very small

    If the seller does not mention a treatment, Beware!

    A 2ct natural untreated blue sapphire will sell at a $5000
    Heated $2500-$3500
    Beryllium $200
    Synthetic $80
    Glass fill $20

    Sapphires are rare.

    Sapphires that are clean enough are very rare.

    Sapphires that are over 2 Carat with good color and no visible inclusions are extremely rare.

    We located at the source of sapphires and able to buy good quality sapphires

    And yet sell it at a good price.

    Almost all the sapphires in our collection are cut or re-cut by us to perfection.

    We only keep untreated sapphires or sapphires that has been heated with an eye clean clarity.

    All of our sapphires are sent to a gemological lab before we add it to the collection.

    We consider all other treatment as unacceptable and will not sell it.

    Natural good sapphires are rare! Finding a very good sapphire in a very cheap price

    Is the same as finding a seller that will sell you 24k gold in a 50% discount 🙂

    The cost of a synthetic 5 Carat top color sapphire is no more than the cutting charge + $2-$3

    Per Carat, yet I see seller calculate it 100 times more 🙂

    Beryllium treated sapphires has no value! yet some sellers sell it as a normal acceptable treatment.

    Glass fill treatment of sapphires and ruby results in a stone that is not ruby and can be bought in Bangkok for $10 for a 5
    Carat stone.

    If you need more info I will be glad to assist.

    Thank you!

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