loose sapphires and sapphire engagement rings

We have a great collection of loose sapphires. We specialize in peach color loose sapphires, and also carry a nice selection of other Sapphire colors in all shapes and sizes. Our  famous rose gold engagement rings crafted with the finest peach sapphires, high quality diamonds and gold are art creations, Let us recommend or design a new setting for you for a new engagement ring, pair of earrings, pendant, necklace or bracelet from our large selection of high quality sapphires of your choosing. If we do not have what you are looking for in stock, we can get it for you. We are here to help you find and design a unique piece of jewelry that will be a one-of-a-kind design, very special to you and worthy of passing down to a daughter or other family member. Unique designs are made to be cherished and what better way to pass on a family heirloom than to give it to one of your daughters. 

We can design unique 3D settings, traditional designs, or any other design you may have in mind. In fact, they would love to add a special touch to any design to make it unique or combine two or more designs to get that “look” that you are looking for.


We are gem sellers located in the source of the highest quality gemstones, Sri Lanka. We buy our gems rough directly from the mines in Sri Lanka and Madagascar. We have a professional staff of collectors and cutters. Our minimum demand when buying a stone is a clarity of SI, We don’t sell Stones that are not eye-clean or good cut. Most of the gems are not treated, some are heat treatment, never we use unacceptable method like beryllium or,lattice diffusion.  All stone are checked by a third party GIA gemologist and a master cutter and will be re-cut and re-polished if needed. The finest quality, in a wholesale price. You will not find a equal quality sapphire in wholesale price offered to individual people. We sell quality!

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Price in US Dollar

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